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Our experienced team at Boss Moves Real Estate is proud to provide a personal and professional service. From starter homes to family homes, our Richmond knowledge means we can advise and guide on a range of property matters. Our real estate agents can do a lot of different things, like give rent estimates, sales estimates, and probate valuations. Our team has a reputation for expertise, making sure we get the best outcome regardless of the m... Read more

We Work Hard, So You Don't Have to

We are always looking to bring our expertise to anyone looking to rent or buy in the local area. Our experienced team is very familiar with the housing market, which allows us to help you make informed decisions about your prospects when it comes to finding a new rental or property of your own. For those looking to buy, we offer our customers a professional service from the initial valuation to the final sale. For renters, our staff can help... Read more

Business Built With Faith

A Business Built With Faith, we firmly believe that our faith and trust in God are the foundation of our business. We try to help people with what we know, so they can reach their goals and make a better life for themselves and their families. We consider it a blessing to meet each person that crosses our path and are grateful for the opportunity to help them in any way we can. It is our belief that by helping others, we create our own bless... Read more


10 Reviews

Kimberly Moorman

21 August 2023

21 August


Ms. Kimberly Holmes, Boss Moves Real Estate gave me the most exceptional and professional home purchase experience! And, all the while being close to 5000 miles...
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Chris Wheelus

11 August 2023

11 August


Kimberly sets a high bar in the Real Estate field!! The transaction I had with her was extremely smooth, and it was evident that she puts her heart into everyth...
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